Rainbow over mountains
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Whilst short term anxiety is a perfectly normal reaction it can become debilitating when it becomes a long-term state. A lot of people are suffering with the effects of anxiety at the moment ā€“ perhaps magnified by the uncertainty around COVID. If you are suffering from the effects of long-term anxiety, I would really encourage you to get help, it ...

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Put your own oxygen mask on 1st

It is really important to look after ourselves.

You cannot give to others unless you are topped up yourself. Think of it like the emergency briefing we get on a plane. We are told to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others ā€“ looking after ourselves is just the same thing. There is lots of research that says that good mental health ...

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Decision Time

Choosing a counsellor is pretty hard and so I thought Iā€™d give some suggestions as to what I think is important when making your decision.

The location

There are many different ways to receive therapy. The most common ways are by telephone, online (usually by something like zoom), face to face or whilst you go for a walk. Telephone, ...

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