Headlights and setting sun
Countryside lane
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one step at a time

I know that sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to get outside the door but numerous pieces of research show that being outside for even a short time boosts mood.

If you want to know more about the link between light (and outside light is much better) and brain state take a look at www.hubermanlab.com ...

Moon at night
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Counting sheep?

Are you struggling to get to sleep? Do you keep waking up? Do you find it hard to get up in the morning?

Any of these issues can happen at any time especially with poor mental health. We all know that things look better if you can get a decent night’s sleep and so I thought I’d share some things that you can try to help improve your sleep ...

Shetland Isles
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Assertive not aggressive

Anger is a completely normal emotion that we all experience at times. However, when anger is not managed it can be destructive and lead to all sorts of problems. It can also leave you feeling out of control. You can be angry at other people, events or yourself. We usually want to show anger aggressively however, this has to be controlled in order ...

sunrise October
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Choices, choices

I’ve recently been asked about the different types of counselling that are offered and so I thought I’d try to give a simple explanation.

There are vast amounts of literature written about each of the modalities and so what I give you here is a high-level summary. If you want to know more, a quick internet search will help you dive deeper.

There ...

Rainbow over mountains
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Monochrome to colour

Depression can be really debilitating, making you feel unhappy, hopeless and unable to find pleasure in the things you usually enjoy. Some people describe it as everything looking grey rather than colourful.

Depression can be mild to severe, ranging from persistent feelings of low mood to suicidal thoughts.

Please if you are ...

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Whilst short term anxiety is a perfectly normal reaction it can become debilitating when it becomes a long-term state. A lot of people are suffering with the effects of anxiety at the moment – perhaps magnified by the uncertainty around COVID. If you are suffering from the effects of long-term anxiety, I would really encourage you to get help, it ...

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